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I am now only working in two mediums. Recycled gold and gold which has been picked up off the surface of the ground which I then work. I can no longer support the mining and gem industry which is so harmful to our planet.

I am keeping my old work up here so people can see what kind of work I did.

Call me to talk about your particular project.

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Fluctuating Gold Prices

Because the price of gold is fluctuating, the prices you see here may not be current. You can email me to get the updated price if you are interested in any particular piece.


 Sapphire or Sky


If you cannot afford a sapphire. On a clear late evening go outside somewhere where the lights do not pollute the sky. Look up and see that magnificent dark blue sky as a huge sapphire. It belongs to everyone and is larger than any sapphire imaginable. Nature is rich and we can afford it just by opening our eyes to see it.

Rubies can be seen in the tips of the red cherimoya cactus spines at sunset. Get a plant between you and the sun as it sets. Be ready to see thousands of rubies, one on each tip. This plant wears a halo of them every evening.
Diamonds are found by the millions in the morning dew. It's a bejeweled world, yours just for being alive.



24k gold Mantras Seals

Below: Bracelet in sterling, gold and opal



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